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February 14: Valentine’s Day … and Singles Awareness Day!

As everyone knows, February 14 is Valentine’s Day. The history of this day is debatable (see the history channel’s websitefor more info.), but today we use it to celebrate love, especially romantic love.

For all the romantics out there: February 14 is also Ferris Wheel Day, in honor of George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., who invented the romantic carnival ride in 1893. (picture of London Eye, from wikipedia)

“I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.”

Song of Solomon 6:3

Although many argue that people shouldn’t participate in Valentine’s Day because it’s too commercialized, others think it’s great to celebrate anyway. Thankfully, for those of us that dislike the commercialization, homemade, handwritten notes and quiet dinners at home are often more romantic than a fancy night out. (And does anyone even like candy hearts?)

On the other hand, many people celebrate Singles Awareness Day (SAD) on February 14 instead.

Although some people celebrate it alone, on the couch with ice cream and a romantic comedy, I recommend grabbing all the single friends you can and spending it together on the couch with ice cream and a romantic comedy … unless you’re the kind that would prefer to go out for a party. Group SAD parties can be some of the best fun!

*update: Apparently, a lot of people celebrate Singles Awareness Day on February 15, as a kind of payback: couples take over the world on the 14th, but singles rule on the 15th. Who knew? I always thought they split the holiday in half!