June 8: Upsy Daisy Day

Good morning! It’s Upsy Daisy Day, so it’s time to wake up happy! If you woke up today, that means you’re not dead, so you’ve already got something to be grateful for. Now if you can get out of bed, you’re doing even better!

Okay, so I admit that early morning optimism can be outrageously annoying sometimes, but on Upsy Daisy Day it’s time for you to be that ridiculously happy morning person and drive everyone else crazy!

“I lie down and sleep;
I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.”

Psalm 3:5


3 responses to “June 8: Upsy Daisy Day

  1. Wake up happy? If there’s a bigger oxymoron, I’ve never heard it! Oh, and optimism at any time can be annoying!

    On a more serious note, thanks for the reminder that we do have things to be thankful for, even if all we do is wake up and smell the allergy inducing daisies.

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