July 27: National Sleepy Head Day

While most “national” days on this website are held in the U.S., this holiday is celebrated in Finland.

July 27 is the traditional feast day for the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus. Christian tradition (at least in some areas) as well as the Q’ran hold that seven young men hid in a cave near Ephesus one night to escape from persecution. When they awoke, it was either 200 or 300 years later and Christianity was now the official religion of the area.

In Finland, National Sleepy Head Day is celebrated every July 27 by waking up people by either throwing them into water or by throwing water onto them. In some cities, especially the city of Naantali, the day has become a large celebration, where a Finnish politician or celebrity is secretly chosen and then thrown into the sea.

Personally, I think the way to celebrate this day is obvious, but I doubt the person that wakes up suddenly in cold water will truly appreciate it!

“If a man loudly blesses his neighbor early in the morning,
it will be taken as a curse.”

Proverbs 27:14


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