September 27: Ancestor Appreciation Day

It’s time to call your grandparents! September 27 is Ancestor Appreciation Day.

Obviously, I suggest starting your celebration by letting your parents know how great they are for having you and thanking your grandparents for dunking you in such a great gene pool.

However, Ancestor Appreciation Day involves a much longer list of people, and today is a great day to start finding out as much as you can about them. (Here are some ideas from to get you started.)

I know I’ve got plenty of both Scottish and Irish ancestors, as well as at least one Cherokee great great . . . grandmother. I also have an incredible diary kept by another 3x (or is it 4?) great grandmother as she traveled west on the Oregon trail.

And I’m rather distantly related to the Dalton Gang – some Wild West outlaws!

What’s your family story?


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