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November 6: Saxophone Day

On November 6, 1814, Adolphe Sax was born in Belgium to a father who designed instruments. Even as a child, Sax followed in his father’s footsteps, learning, adapting, and inventing many instruments (including a predecessor to the euphonium), but his most lasting invention (and today’s cause for celebration) is the saxophone.

The saxophone is a strange instrument. Since it’s typically made from brass, you might assume that it’s part of the brass family. Wrong. The sound is produced by a reed, not a brass mouthpiece, making the saxophone a woodwind instrument.

As a clarinetist myself, I’m afraid I’ve spent a lot of time making fun of saxophonists (so loud and obnoxious and “cool” ­čÖé ). On the other hand, they’re pretty awesome instruments, whether in orchestras, ┬ámarching bands, or ┬ájazz combos, and I love their sound in the big band number “String of Pearls,” ┬áso don’t hold it against me.

“It is good to praise the┬áLord
and make music to your name, O Most High,
to proclaim your love in the morning
and your faithfulness at night.”

Psalm 92:1-2