January 9: National Static Electricity Day

Ooooh! Shocking! 🙂

January 9 is National Static Electricity Day. It’s winter now, so you’re probably getting shocked several times a day, and it probably won’t improve the situation any if you wish everyone you shock a happy Static Electricity Day. Personally, I’d do it anyway! 

Of course, static electricity doesn’t spend all it’s time giving you that painful shock when you touch a doorknob. It’s also pretty good at making lightning and making really great hairdos, especially if you get a balloon involved. Growing up, one of the funniest parts of playing on the trampoline was the way my hair stuck up all over afterwards.

By the way, if you’re trying to remember your elementary science and exactly how static electricity works, check out this page from the Scientific American.

“He loads the clouds with moisture;
he scatters his lightning through them.
At his direction they swirl around
over the face of the whole earth
to do whatever he commands them.”

Psalm 37:11-12


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