March 20: Snowman Burning Day

snowmanMarch 20 is Snowman Burning Day. I admit, I’m doing this day because I just couldn’t pass up something this bizarre sounding. I’d never even heard of it until a few hours ago, and I had to do a decent bit of digging to come up with much information about it. Here’s what I found:

springSnowman Burning Day is held every year on the first day of spring (yes! Happy Spring everybody!). The tradition apparently has its roots in the Rose Sunday Festival, held annually in Weinheim-an-der-Bergstrasse, Germany. During the festival, the mayor tells the children if they’re good, then he will burn the snowman (that’s actually made of straw), and spring will arrive. (You can find more info here.)

While you’re celebrating spring and burning your snowman, don’t forget about “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Day and Extraterrestrial Abduction Day.

“See! The winter is past;
the rains are over and gone.
Flowers appear on the earth;
the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves
is heard in our land.”

Song of Songs 2:11-12


2 responses to “March 20: Snowman Burning Day

  1. As soon as I saw this post title in my reader, I knew I had to click through. This sounds like a fun way to welcome spring. If only it would guarantee no more snow!

    • I know! I really thought we had spring coming last week, but after four inches of snow yesterday, high winds, and highs in the twenties, I guess I was wrong.

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