June 10: Mourn For Your Money Day

I’m not quite sure how to go about celebrating this day. Perhaps attend a good funeral service? Hold a wake? Compose an ode or publish an obituary? Bury the gold in the backyard and burn the bills on a nice BBQ funeral pyre? There are so many options!

Uncle SamMourn For Your Money Day is held every year on June 10, to commemorate the day FDR signed the Current Tax Payment Act of 1943. This law established tax withholding in the US (a 2nd time – the 1913 Act was repealed in 1916). In other words, this is the reason that your paycheck is always missing some.

Some websites recommend giving 40% of a gift to someone and letting them know the rest of the gift has been withheld. 🙂

“Why should fools have money in hand to buy wisdom,
when they are not able to understand it?”

Proverbs 17:16


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