August 22: National Tooth Fairy Day

There are actually two National Tooth Fairy Days out there. One is every February 28, but the other is today, August 22. I really can’t find a reason for either date, but August 22 made sense to me.

tooth_fairySchool is starting back up, the “tooth” boards are set up in classrooms all across the U.S. at least. The first few to lose their teeth find themselves in the enviable position of having their name on the board and a certificate in their backpacks. Of course, for some, that nice position also comes with a good bit of worry, now that bits of them are frighteningly just falling off!

Much of the English speaking world, especially the U.S., celebrates each lost baby tooth by placing the tooth underneath the child’s pillow at night. According to tradition, the tooth fairy comes in the night, takes the tooth, and leaves a little bit of money in its place. I believe I used to get a quarter or two, but I hear inflation has raised prices somewhat!

toothbrush_toothpasteIn many Spanish speaking cultures, instead of the tooth fairy, Ratoncito Perez (Perez Mouse) takes the tooth and leaves money in its place. Sounds fun, right?

“In those days people will no longer say,

‘The parents have eaten sour grapes,
and the children’s teeth are set on edge.’”

Jeremiah 31:29



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