October 17: Mulligan Day

Are you ready for a do-over?

Golfer_swingIn golf, a player can do a mulligan and simply redo their shot. The term comes from David Mulligan, a Canadian golfer in the 1920s. One day, he made a poor tee-shot (the stories debate exactly why), so he simply put down a new ball and teed again. His friends rejected his term “correction shot,” and decided to call it a mulligan. I’m sure they ribbed him mercilessly over it, and yet the name and practice spread.

Thankfully, Mulligan Day isn’t limited to golf. The holiday is meant to encourage people to try something again. So maybe it didn’t go too well the first time! Oh well. Take a mulligan and try again.

P.S. October 17 is also Wear Something Gaudy Day!


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