A Year of Holidays is dedicated to finding reasons to celebrate every day. Of course, there are the major holidays – Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.  – but there are also a plethora of strange, random, and even ridiculous holidays (Squirrel Appreciation Day and Ask a Stupid Question Day definitely come to mind). Thus, some celebrations are sublime and inspirational, some are solemn remembrances, and others simply provide a good laugh. Of course, it seems to me that 365 days gives us plenty of room for all kinds of days.

About the pictures:
To the best of my knowledge, all images on this website are public domain or carefully accredited. Most of the pictures on A Year of Holidays come from the following websites:

About the Bible verses:
Unless otherwise noted, all Bible verses are from the New International Version (1984). I use Bible Gateway almost daily to look up verses.

About the Author:
Laura Metz is a freelance writer from Texas, busy enjoying life with her husband in “Up North” Michigan and marveling at this stuff called “snow.”

You can contact her at laurametzwrites@gmail.com.

2 responses to “About

  1. Do you make an app. For this page so l can just go to it I stead of trying to find d this page everyday–..love this page

    • I’m afraid that I don’t have an ap for this page right now. However, there is a spot on the right side of the page, below the calendar, where you can sign up to get an email every time I add a new holiday. So glad you like it!

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