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July 25: Thread the Needle Day

July 25th is Thread the Needle Day. No one seems to be certain what this day celebrates, but I’ve got three options for you:

sewing-stuff1. Thread the Needle Day could celebrate sewing, and, literally, threading a needle.

2. It could recognize the idiom “to thread the needle,” in other words, to walk a fine line between two issues.

3. Or it might be in honor of the old game called Thread the Needle, where people hold hands in a chain and try to go in between people in the chain as many times as possible, without letting go (check out this blog for a good description and directions).

As far as I’m concerned, just pick your favorite and celebrate that – sewing, equivocating, or playing. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could try all three.

If you happen to know more about Thread the Needle Day and why it was created, please let me know.

“I put on righteousness as my clothing;
justice was my robe and my turban.”

Job 29:14